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How racing conquered the world: the history of motorsport

The automobile and motorsport emerged almost simultaneously - with the advent of the first cars, people immediately wanted to test what "self-propelled carriages" were capable of. Moreover, racing was for a long time the only reason for the existence and development of the automobile industry. The first car race took place more than 125 years ago in France. Twenty-one cars took part in the event called the "Reliability Test". Not only petrol but also steam and even electric models were among the participants. The De Dion-Bouton steam engines were the first to finish, but the top prize was not speed, but comfort and safety, so Peugeot and Panard-Levassor were the winners.
A year later, the drivers competed for speed on the Paris-Bordeaux-Paris route. This race was also won by the Panard-Levassor. Curiously, this race was the first appearance of a car with pneumatic tyres, driven by the inventor André Michelin - however, he never managed to reach the finish line in the allotted time because of the constant changing of the wheels. Over the next few years the first races take place in Britain, Italy, the USA and Germany. The new sport quickly attracted rich sponsors and enthusiasts and it didn't take long before the first international event appeared. In 1900, Gordon Bennett, owner of the New York Herald and the Automobile Club of France organised the Gordon Bennett Cup, which was attended by drivers from all over Europe.
Six years later, the same Automobile Club organised the first race, the so-called Grand Prix, which took place on the 105-kilometre circuit of Le Mans. This historic race was won by the Renault driver, Ferenc Cees. A turning point in the history of motor sport was the advent of the first dedicated race track. Initially, races were held on ordinary roads, which were blocked off for the duration of the race. In 1907, the Brooklands racetrack was built in Britain, and two years later the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway circuit appeared in Indianapolis. In 1925, the first World Auto Racing Championship takes place - the new sport is recognised around the world.
Motor sport is more than just sport. To describe it, you need a more in-depth definition. Motorsport is a technical sport in which competitors compete to see how fast they can go round a track in their cars. But those are all terms and definitions, words and letters. In fact, motorsport is love and passion, love of the sport and passion for cars, and vice versa and all together. Many argue, what is motorsport: a fad of rich people or a sport after all? No one can give an unequivocal answer. Rather both are true, only in each case one truth outweighs the other. Motor racing is a real sport, very difficult and risky. Here are exhausting trainings, possibility of injury, bitterness of defeat and joy of victories. But doing motorsports, unfortunately, cannot be called a cheap and accessible hobby. Speed, bravery, courage, excitement, race - that is what rules people in pursuit of motorsports. Motorsport is a kind of addiction. Ernest Hemingway once said that all sports are games, except for mountaineering, boxing and motor racing.
Motorsport - a love of sport and cars
Motorsport encompasses dozens of disciplines. But there are three main groups: circuit racing, off-road racing and classic rallying. Parents enrol their children in motor sport because it is not only prestigious but also rewarding. The knowledge gained in children's motorsport schools will definitely be useful in their future life behind the wheel of a car: it is road safety skills, quick reactions and much more. If you decide to enroll your child in a driving school, we are happy to take your child to lessons! Coaches of Evorus school are qualified teachers, honored masters of motorsports. Even if you do not intend to raise your child as a sportsman-racer in the future the acquired skills will remain with him/her forever and will help to drive any vehicle. You can learn how to do it safely and confidently with us. Our children's sports driving school will help your children fall in love with a car for life!